Why quebecers are assholes

The pur Laine chauvanists don't even realize that they are pushing allophones towards the anglos. Despite all your personal reasons, what will dictate population movements is the economy. I enjoy my life in this city in the language of my preference. This is clearly evidenced by the Macleans articl a few months ago depicting Quebec as the most corrupt province in Canada. I thought this was pretty basic stuff. They are not nice people! I notice you don't specifically say that you DO count Richler as a citizen of Quebec.

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Nasty Canadians who vacation in Maine?

You say French is dead in English Canada yet you fail to see that people there only assimilate because they live in majority English towns. They know English quite well and yet they still speak Icelandic among themselves yet the nearest countries speak English and their population is so small compared to Quebec's. It's just like those people who say that because the Bloc lost, it means Quebec will stop speaking French. As for what I would like: Any anglos who want to stay behind will get what they deserve. Anonymous Monday, September 26, at 2: Being anti-semic is ok with you if the rest of the mindset of the person fits yours.

10 Qu├ębecois idioms the French don't understand

Yes you are all Quebecois and so is that English asshole who wrote the column or have I somehow missed how your nation works? A bigoted Manitoban, actually. Anonymous Monday, September 26, at 9: That's why the rest of Canada is so nice, they're trying to make up for those people. Furthermore, time and time again it's been shown that in areas where Anglos and Francos co-exist, the Francophones tend to learn English, whereas Anglophones generally do not learn French. I never understood this.
Most don't encounter Anglos often if ever. Thanks for making this space available to discuss. Heated High speed train corridor. Those who can manage the French curriculum in the English instructional and French immersion schools will have a greater propensity to stay, those who cannot, OUT! In case you didn't know, the most common countries as far as immigrants in Montreal are: Second, the only thing that is ending is the Anglo presence in all regions of Quebec but one, which is doomed to stay isolated and insular Montreal is the heart and soul of anglo-quebecers.

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